those that question.

I feel that there are an unlimited amount of people in the world that have so much to live for, but so much life being wasted on thoughts that do not matter to others. People are unique. Not necessarily how they carry themselves, but because of how they think. People can be absolutely beautiful. Peoples minds are abolsutelt beautiful. 

I saw the beauty in someone today. 


just dance.

He was beautifully placed in my life at the most random of times. I remember quite well the exact moment I saw him dance for the first time. He was in a crowd of people–at a gay club. I rarely go to clubs, so there’s got to be a reason we are both there.

I’m staring at his dirty blonde hair. I mean ‘dirty’ as a hygienic thing, not a color thing. My eyes fixate on his, both our hearts pounding to the blaring music from the DJ and their loud speakers.

Blue eyes, gorgeous smile and I picture he has a laugh that can reach miles!

On that night I didn’t say hello.

He was gone.