title | monday, ADD

she sits in her bathroom. i sit on her bed. watch a movie, watch anything. feeling some type of way, but not sad.

waiting for him to text. nothing’s going on there, but half of me wishes there was, but half of my realizes our differences and doesn’t want to proceed. a third half feels like I’m a wimp and another half feels we’re just incompatible.

another half can’t do math.


westerns disgust me. sorry, but i am 100% NOT sorry.


we kissed.

grandad’s birthday. i didn’t go home. i knew there’d be a party the next day, so I called him and wish him happy 75th.

Bestie’s roommates are throwing a goodbye party for a friend. so, i thought i was invited–which i was, but babe was hanging out with someone, too, and things got mixed up and i didn’t communicate very well.

lines were crossed.

we hang there for a while–just locked away in her room. (long story, but it was kind of cute.)

We end up at my place making rotel dip and having a cute time.

then, i’m loose and starting to touch him. this man, just being nice and gentle–i hope i wasn’t too forward. his fingers were nice to touch, his hand was nice to hold, his hair nice to run fingers through, his…lips tasted great.

surprisingly, because he’d just thrown up.

perhaps i’m disgusting.but that moment was pure magic.

hadn’t felt that way in a while. hadn’t kissed someone like that since i was 18–which, i was also drunk for…


SOMEDAY, i’ll have had a kiss that means more than the alcohol that got me there.