Who Am I?

I consider myself a complicated free spirit, trapped in a dream sequence that’s run on for too long.

Wake up, bitch.

I’m Ryan, 20, biracial, gay, a cis-gender man, and have always wanted to be a writer, I love my grandmother more than words describe, and I’ve never been in a relationship. That pretty much sums up me.¬†

My dreams include, but absolutely aren’t limited to: Being a famously successful screenwriter, be married to an equally successful man and have a few kids, have loads of money–because why not?–see several Broadway shows as a weekly event, live in New York or LA, be a thin, hot model, ¬†have written and published a book, be a successful YouTuber and record my children’s lives, own another Prius–I was in a car wreck and lost it in 2015–, and lastly, maybe have a better relationship with my mommy…

It’s important to note that I moved out of my mothers house at age 13. [Even to this day, only family and close friends know why; and at 20 I’m stunned as to why I can’t express that piece of my past without feeling deeply cut and emotionally scarred.]

I have so many dreams, but of the most important is to touch people’s hearts with my words, voice and advocacy. I just want people to know they are loved.